Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So I went to California with my school choir to visit different colleges and learn about how to better our music as we prepare for Festival!

We got to sing in an amazing cathedral...

We were taught by music pros from University of Pacific and USC and even meet the man who wrote our school's Alma Mater!

Although we did do a lot of singing...

that wasn't the BEST part!

I can't seem to choose between

Dance Parties in the bus bathrooms,

Venice Beach,

Medieval Times,

By the way- the Red Knight won the whole thing and he threw a flower at me. We're in love... no worries! lol

or maybe...

we just got our tickets and only had to walk a couple of blocks from the nicest red lion ever!

Sadly enough I didn't get pics of the princesses... sorry Ella. but I did get the castle!

One of the mini parades. Of course I had to scream a little... just to fit in.

ok. so Paul Mason Sr. was telling me all about the rides and basically had me scared out of my mind. But I made a deal with Mason that I would go on the scary ones. and I loved them all! This was my fav... The Tower Of Terror! I loved space mountain and the new California Screamin!

So basically I love DISNEYLAND!!!! The whole trip was definately worth it and we learned a lot and had even more fun!

Friday, March 13, 2009

6th File- 6th Picture

It's been forever since I've posted... oops!

So here is my 6th picture in my 6th file.

Tradition is that everytime we're together we have a photo session. Good Times! This was in the old house in Mom and Dad's bathroom! I love having these pictures and the memories we have from them! I miss Natalie so much and can't wait for her to come home! Yay!

Love you sis!

Everyone I know has already been tagged! So if you haven't done this then try! It's way fun.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We Are Home!

So now we're beyond the building pictures and boring videos with horrible commentary... We're finally moved in!

So here is our home...

Dining Room

Family Room Couch


Living Room Chairs

Mom and Dad's Bed


Their Dresser

My Bed

Basement Bathroom

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kelsey's Seven Things!

Following along with the family! This is slightly modified... :)

Seven Things I Can Do:

Laugh~ Laughing until I pee my pants is the best thing ever. It's a little embarassing but it's the true sign that your having fun! I've often gone to sleep-overs with extra bottoms. I've learned to laugh at everything. It takes away the pain.

Sing~ I'm getting better and I love it! I'm trying out for Timberline's elite choir in march!

Play Basketball~ It's been a challenging year but I think I'm really loving it!

Fix Things~ I was always dad's handy girl. The other girls got to clean inside... I was outside with dad. I now know every one of his tools and there uses.

Watch Movies~ Over and over again! Now that I can put any movie on my iPod I watch one before I go to bed. I stay up way too late. It'll be great on the plane to alabama!

Go with the Flow/Adapt~ I've learned this year that you have to just ride the waves as they come. You have to take your situation and just learn to live with it. I'm trying to apply that to more of my life.

Change a Lightbulb without a Ladder~ At 6'3"... Duh!

Seven Things I CAN NOT Do:

Change a Lightbulb without a Ladder~ We now have 9 foot ceilings... I am no longer needed in my family!

Live without my Cell~ The rents used to give me a hard time but Mom texts me more than a lot of my friends. I LOVE it!

Keep my Room CLEAN!~ Candi, if I succeed in the new house it will be with you in mind! I try but it never seems to work out. :(

Wake Up~ Mom and Dad still wake me up. I just hate getting up. Sleep feels so good!

Hold New Babies~ They scare me! I don't know why but I just get nervous!!

Do Homework~ It just doesn't seem funn! Ugh! Who wants to do that????

Stay Away from the New House~ I go there everyday even if I know things haven't changed. Starting Friday I'll never sleep anywhere else!

Seven Things I say the Most:

Really? Really?~ When someone does something I just struggle with.

Seriously~ When people are bugging me... MOM!

Awkward~ If you say that at an awkward moment it makes it 20 times more awkward. I always say it. :)

I have a story~ When I want to say something that happened that day. Usually to my family!

Movie Line~ It can be interjected into any sentence, sometimes I keep going, sometimes a stop to see if people pick up on the line I just said. 10 points if you say it first.

Can I Pray?~ Dad... your getting a little long. I haven't been on time to 1st period all semester.

Ben, No, That Hurts~ Sisters... you can relate. Tammy hopefully you can't. :)

Seven Goals for the New Year:

Move in~ It's been 7 months... I'm so ready!

Get better at Basketball~ I'm ready for senior year! DOMINATION!

Write in my Journal~ I think I need a journal first.

Keep My New Room Clean~ For everyone's sanity.

Earn Money~ I hear you need that for college!

Clean Up My Mouth~ I agree with Natalie... Pretty girls don't say dirty words!

Make This Blog More Than Just My House Update~ But it is exciting and the family needs to know!!!!

Seven (8) Reasons I Love my Family:

Mom~ You do more for our family than I ever knew before. Your a strong, spiritual, amazing, and beautiful woman!!!

Dad~ You hold the Priesthood. Our family has needed your strong spirit and you've never come up short.

Ben~ Wow... we're a lot closer now. I've loved being closer to you. We've had some great times and I know your always there for me... no matter what!

Candi~ I miss you! I can't believe I haven't seen your house. I'm so excited. :) I miss your high school days. O the good ol' days! TCBY and sleeping in your bed!

Aimee~ I miss you! I've enjoyed learning more about your life from these blogs. I can't wait to see you! I think about you all the time! I love you so much!!!!

Natalie~ Geez... sounds like I'm missing my whole family now! It sure has been lonely these past few years. I don't like it! Between the black eyes and cat fight we have some great times! Bathroom pics and movies... the best!

Lars~ Your the only one that could ever be for Candi! I know we believe that more than ever. You an amazing guy and I'm proud to call you my brother. You make me laugh like no other! That's Rich!

Tammy~ I'm so happy we've gotten so close! Most of the time people think we're sisters and that Ben's the "in-law". You've done amazing things for my family! You will never know how much we love you!

Seven Things I Love to Eat:


Ice Cream






Seven People I Tag:





Bloggers everywhere.

I don't know seven people with a blog.... :(

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ready To Move... FINALLY!!!!

Looks like moving day is right around the corner! Once again I have a video and you can see aside from some minor touch- ups... we're all ready! I don't think I've ever been this excited! I've already planned a party for my friends and the church has asked us to host a youth fireside at the new place. We're thrilled. I was just talking with mom about how we don't remember anything of the last night we spent in that home. All we remember is the hour before...

I can't believe we're going HOME!!!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So Close and Yet So Far!

Just a few more weeks til we're all finished and ready to move into our new home! By ways of furniture we have purchased a few items (sofa, 2 living room chairs, and a recliner) from Costco because when you find them there you've got to snatch them while they're available. We still have to finish the Stuco and outside lighting and on the inside we need to put on the doors, stain the banister, install carpet and lighting and a few other things along with the clean up. We've been doing our own clean up which means emptying the big ply-wood box in front every saturday since we've started. I've done it once without Dad's help and boy was it a job! Usually we're both tackling it!

We've been at the house everyday looking at the new changes bacause, especially this past week, things have been changing very quickly.

Friday, December 19, 2008

House Update

Here's the latest! We have cement and the stuco is done but not painted yet. the fron porch looks awesome. we're almost finished with the texturing and our closets are finished. molding was just put on and the doors are ready but not on yet! YAY! Here's a video. enjoy the commentary! :)