Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We Are Home!

So now we're beyond the building pictures and boring videos with horrible commentary... We're finally moved in!

So here is our home...

Dining Room

Family Room Couch


Living Room Chairs

Mom and Dad's Bed


Their Dresser

My Bed

Basement Bathroom


Natalie said...

The house looks really good. I can't wait to move home and live there for a while! Kels. I really like you Bed, do I have one yet?

K Glover said...

You have the mattress set and everything! Don't you worry about it your room will look great by the time you get home! I'll make sure of it! :)

Stoddard Family said...
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Stoddard Family said...

The house looks great. I can't wait to see it in person. It's missing one thing though. A purple room. Just kidding.

Munns Madness said...

Your house seems so nice I bet it is so nice to be in it. We will have to come see it. We are in Pocatello now But we come to Boise alot. I like the blog
Ally & tyson Munns

longnecker said...

LOVE IT! Thanks for adding those pictures! Everything looks so great and clean and perfect I want to come home! Love all the bedding and the living room is going to look fantastic with a table under the leaf decor. It will have a cozy/classy feeling the minute you walk in. Also I am curious about the wall when you first walk in (I think it is an accent wall yes?) What are you going to do with it? Oh and another thing, I need to know if you have a "Living Christ Frame" like the old one - I doubt it made it out okay and I need to know if someone has already replaced it.

Love It ALL - have fun tonight!

Stoddard Family said...

I absolutly love the bedding on Kelsey's bed. Where did you get it?