Sunday, January 18, 2009

So Close and Yet So Far!

Just a few more weeks til we're all finished and ready to move into our new home! By ways of furniture we have purchased a few items (sofa, 2 living room chairs, and a recliner) from Costco because when you find them there you've got to snatch them while they're available. We still have to finish the Stuco and outside lighting and on the inside we need to put on the doors, stain the banister, install carpet and lighting and a few other things along with the clean up. We've been doing our own clean up which means emptying the big ply-wood box in front every saturday since we've started. I've done it once without Dad's help and boy was it a job! Usually we're both tackling it!

We've been at the house everyday looking at the new changes bacause, especially this past week, things have been changing very quickly.