Sunday, January 18, 2009

So Close and Yet So Far!

Just a few more weeks til we're all finished and ready to move into our new home! By ways of furniture we have purchased a few items (sofa, 2 living room chairs, and a recliner) from Costco because when you find them there you've got to snatch them while they're available. We still have to finish the Stuco and outside lighting and on the inside we need to put on the doors, stain the banister, install carpet and lighting and a few other things along with the clean up. We've been doing our own clean up which means emptying the big ply-wood box in front every saturday since we've started. I've done it once without Dad's help and boy was it a job! Usually we're both tackling it!

We've been at the house everyday looking at the new changes bacause, especially this past week, things have been changing very quickly.


longnecker said...

YAEH! That was the best! Here are a few of my thoughts:

1) Our parents are nerds, but they look so great, it made me just want to come through and hug them! Seriously, they both look great!

2) The house rocks! Love the stairwell and front room.

3) FANTASTIC master bathroom! It is awesome and HUGE! Love the cabinets and the shower!

4) The laundry room would make me want to do laundry!

5) HOLY CRAP that kitchen rocks! Trying hard not to be jealous.

6) I'm with you on the fireplace.

7) Can't wait to grill steaks and eat on that deck - while we look down on all the neighbors (heh Hee)

8) Kelsey your bathroom is great and it looks bigger - is it??

9) I know it's Natalies room but I am going to try to use it more than her.

10) Kelsey so far I have never had a closet like yours and I am turning 30 this year, now I am just going to have to help you fill it with clothes.

11) Okay, I can put my kids' pack n play in that storage room, and I might too.

12) Want to see more of the Family room nest time.

LOVE YOU and THANK YOU I MISS YOU more than you know!


K Glover said...

1) They are TOTAL nerds but they've been amazing through this. Building a house is way stressful and the fact that they will act like that on camara is truly a blessing.

2) It definatly ROCKS!!!!

3) Their shower is amazing and the tile guys did amazing! They are one of our favorite trade guys.

4) I can't wait to wash clothes there! YAY!!!!

5) The kitchen will be a so much funn. and it's so open!

6) It WILL be fixed!

7) It's a little awkward! I'm sure they've come to love us even more through this process!

8) It's not really bigger, the entry is but the counter is just way bigger.

9) You probably will! I think she wants to do some crazy paint. Talk to her please!!!

10) Please come help. YOu know me and shopping. The best trip was with you!

11) True but it might fill up fast!

12)I'll get on it.

The video is already out of date. We got lights in and all electric finished! YAY!!! LOVE YOU!