Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So I went to California with my school choir to visit different colleges and learn about how to better our music as we prepare for Festival!

We got to sing in an amazing cathedral...

We were taught by music pros from University of Pacific and USC and even meet the man who wrote our school's Alma Mater!

Although we did do a lot of singing...

that wasn't the BEST part!

I can't seem to choose between

Dance Parties in the bus bathrooms,

Venice Beach,

Medieval Times,

By the way- the Red Knight won the whole thing and he threw a flower at me. We're in love... no worries! lol

or maybe...

we just got our tickets and only had to walk a couple of blocks from the nicest red lion ever!

Sadly enough I didn't get pics of the princesses... sorry Ella. but I did get the castle!

One of the mini parades. Of course I had to scream a little... just to fit in.

ok. so Paul Mason Sr. was telling me all about the rides and basically had me scared out of my mind. But I made a deal with Mason that I would go on the scary ones. and I loved them all! This was my fav... The Tower Of Terror! I loved space mountain and the new California Screamin!

So basically I love DISNEYLAND!!!! The whole trip was definately worth it and we learned a lot and had even more fun!